Self Improve & try new things

Self improve for me

New and improved? If I put my hands on the table, I seriously don’t want to self improve because a magazine said it was a good idea, or constant bombardment from Instagram telling me I should! And quite honestly neither should you.

Improving yourself is a very personal journey and when you arrive at the decision to do so, and with right mind set, you don’t need persuasion, you only need confidence and to believe in yourself. So if you are about to start, or at the beginning of your own journey then there is one thing you are not…and that’s alone!

Every year and around this time, countless people set out to self improve, and I guess mine is about discovery. When I decide to try a new thing it’s about creating a direction where I can learn, love and hopefully make me better as a person physically, mentally or both.

Humans are wired to improve, it’s inbuilt and as necessary as DNA and no matter how deep our improvement desires are, you just simply need to reach down and their there. Evolution insists that we do better as it leads to a stronger chance of survival, so improving your knowledge, skill set, character or mindset are all good ways to grow as a person. Though we are no longer part of the food chain with the threat of being eaten by a Sabre tooth tiger, who couldn’t do with a little improvement!

So, why self improve? We’ll, it’s simply because its one of our 6 human needs

Growth, Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection and Contribution, but the essential ingredient is to be happy while doing it! So if any of my ‘ try new thing’ don’t make me happy or improve my quality of life, I simply add them to my knowledge vault, and try something else. As I said, this is about a personal journey and you can choose yours and how and when you ride it is completely up to you.

My routine helps me self improve

I love structure and routine! It helps me focus my day, planned events and also to make sure I use my energy correctly . For me, the absence of a routine leads to me stressing about stuff. Not world changing stuff, just basic tasks that need to be done, but unless I put them in order and plan them, I feel like I’m control. Postit! Lol! I absolutely love this invention and i even meet the person who launched there little scraps of magic I would hug them for days! To me they are little colourful gentle reminders and who doesn’t need a reminder now and again?!

These little notes written by me in a moment of clarity are placed gently all over the place. If I have had a particularly demanding day (most days) I get a little nudge to remind me. Not a screaming foghorn of alert, but a pastel coloured nudge, so who can get annoyed about that.

As for actual routine, the place a know I will be every evening is the bath. This is one part of the day I don’t need reminding about. I have had a soak every night since I was a child and nothing is stopping me !! Most people have certain things that can re-set or create a calming period. Music, reading, simply sitting, mine is all these plus water. So this is where I re-set, plan my postit notes and breathe. Dealing with modern life can be taxing, after leaving my office and with the immediate family needs taken care of when back on the farm, this is where you can find me at the end of a day!!

These are the ‘try new things’ I will be adding and learning…..


Breathing Techniques

Cold Water Therapy

What’s new pussycat?……Not juicing, as that’s been around for a seriously long time, but I seemed to have missed the movement first time around! Deep down I was probably thinking that it’s a lot of sticky mess to have to clean up.

Find out more about my juicing journey and benefits

Breathing Techniques

There are 3 books that I have read that have had a lasting effect on me:

The Power of Now

The Chimp Paradox

The final one has grabbed me the most . Did you know we all breathe 25000 times a day, but don’t pay it the slightest bit of attention! Well I am going to start too.

Want to learn more about it? Click here

Cold water therapy

You know that I love a nice warm bath. but I also hate the cold, I actually feel my body shutting down on me when I get the slightest bit chilly !!

So the next try new thing is more of a challenge for me than the others! Find out more

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