How to create a bog garden

A varied eco-system

Harestone bog garden will be located next to lower dam, at the edge of the pond. It will create an area where moisture-loving plants will thrive. These plants are different to those suited to the standing water of a pond, so will attract a host of different wildlife. The bog garden provides a crucial link between the pond and the surrounding dry land for many animal and plant species. Like a pond, it should attract frogs, toads, dragonflies, damselflies, bees and butterflies, but will also be a delightful place for humans to enjoy.

This will be a mesmerizing location with the pond, a wildlife scrape, and the bog garden all converging with the pig enclosures located either side. These guys are taking an keen interest in progress.

We plan to plant native Scottish bog plants & heather’s in the surrounding rocky dry areas: Common Valerian, Marsh Marigold, Pedulous Sedge,Great Willowherb, Purple Loose strife, Ragged Robin, Cuckooflower creating a varied eco-system.


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How to create bog garden – simply

A bog garden could be a better option if you have young children and are worried about having a pond. A bog garden can be just as beneficial to nature as a pond and will attract a variety of species that will help in creating a bio-diverse garden space.


The Walled Garden Project

Our walled garden project is also about re-purposing. It really is core to what we do at Harestone Moss. Every single item on the planet can be re-purposed, you just need to be able to visualise it.
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Bomb Holes
Regeneration Project

Harestone Moss served as a WW2 "Q" site as noted in the book "Fields of Deception". The designation "Q" marks it as a dummy airfield created to lure the Luftwaffe away from the local airport at Dyce.
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The Well being farm project

In our one acre well-being farm garden we will hope to host the remedies to many ailments for health and well being. Re-connecting with the tradition of medicinal planting, broaden our knowledge and hopefully let mother nature do what she does best!
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