Healthy Lifestyle – Juicing

Juicing to a healthy lifestyle

What’s new pussycat?……Not juicing, as that’s been around for a seriously long time, but I seemed to have missed the movement first time around!

Deep down I was probably thinking that it’s a lot of sticky mess to have to clean up! So I ignored the trend, and probably bought ready made trendy juice and a straw to make sure I was at least still slightly hip and moved on with my healthy lifestyle.

I suppose I would have blissfully waited for the next new thing to pull into the station, apart from yet another twist of fate. Christmas 2022! It arrived, was enjoyed and started slipping all to quickly into all Christmases past, but this one had one final twist…mostly consisting of lime!

So it was at our welcoming of Hogmanay and another fruit cocktail that I had an epiphany. A moment of clarity in between gins and cocktails that the new me would be citrus based and healthier!

I should point out that I waited until the limes were used and we had effortlessly slipped into the dry side of January, and then a new dawn started knocking, but as soon as it arrived I was ready!

Healthy lifestyle & healthy routine

Wanting to start a new year in a positive and healthy lifestyle is no bad thing. The wine, cocktails, gin, whisky and even diet cokes were back on ice, and with my new juicer was free’d from its packaging prison, I was good to go. Enthused, primed and a little hungover, but my stash of fruit and vegetables had grown while we were on our solid food sabbatical, and now with the spices and herbs straining the shelves, I was all set!

Chop chop…I am getting a taste or what? was my words of encouragement from the home team. OK, maybe I was a bit over enthusiastic in my “you have go to try this one” routine as soon as the silence returned as the blender eased down. So, chop, chop it was and well, more chop chop until everything was in front of me and ready for selecting before disappearing down the juicer chute. I have to firstly confess that it’s best to read up a little on juicing before plugging in the turbo chopper. Not tombs or stacks of recipes, but simple, simple steps and voila, out pops lovely fresh juice that literally tastes and feels like the freshest, most nutritious drink you could every have…..

Chop chop! After a few weeks I can see that this has now become an excellent addition to my already healthy lifestyle! No veg is safe! Apples lost their shine? Juicer, carrots starting to droop? Juicer!

I don’t think that there is much that can escape me now, but I do think that the mistake made with juicing is that people use it as a replacement for whole foods, but this is us a sure fire way to end up snacking. But as a healthy replacement for fizzy drinks, or that sweet tooth craving, they are great. I see it as a healthy drink that is full of nutrients and is better than a store bought fruit juice that has many things added to it, that I would rather avoid coursing through my veins. So juicing is on theme and here is one of my favourite ones to start with. Have a go and see what you think.

The first juicing recipe


5 large carrots

3 medium apples

1 inch of ginger

juice of 1/2 lime

Number 2


1 cucumber, sliced

3 stalks celery, sliced

3 leaves kale, removed from stem

1 cup spinach

1 piece fresh ginger, approx 1 inch

1/4 lime

2 apples

Self improve porkies – our pigs

I have made many more with the highlights being the beetroot juice and a virgin Mary. Juicing is here to stay for me and I almost forgot , it wasn’t messy at all, my subconscious won last time, but not this. The croft animals are also loving juicing too as the pulp that is left behind from the fruits & veg is delivered freshly everyday as a little treat for the very grateful pigs…

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