What is rewilding ?

Rewilding is a vision of returning the landscape
to a wilder state & good health

This usually means repairing and restoring natural ecosystems and enabling them to once again shape the landscape.
These processes could be predation, grazing, regeneration, decomposition and more, significant intervention
might be neededto kick things off, but the aim is to :

Let Nature Take Care of Itself...


Having land is everyone’s dream, working the land can be everyone’s nightmare !

We are lucky to have 70 acres, and it was time to give something back ,truly be different, and let nature do the work …. eventually

We love the idea of small projects across Scotland becoming wild stepping stones to the larger rewilding efforts & becoming that important connective glue !

Our family’s mission is to create an amazing, biodiverse landscape, and hopefully enlighten people to the possibilities of rewilding and regeneration, no matter how big or small, your available land is.

The pond at Harestone Moss

You don't have to be great to start,
but you have to start to be great

Our Wild Plan

Our story

We began our story, and the slow process of rewilding Harestone in 2020. Basically, we left the land alone, aside from a few testing locations, designed to see how much nature adapts & the insects/ wildlife it attracts.

Not too much hard work here !

This gave us the starting point and the beginning of the journey on how we could create the blue print for the future.While giving rewilding as much freedom as possible, we also needed to find a way to make it economically viable, to upkeep and remain in place for years to come. Our project at its core, will let nature thrive, but will also allow a small holding, sustainable food growing, a farm shop & accommodation to flourish.

A family farm with a difference….

Working together

Funders & Land Partner

This project is supported by the Scottish Government’s Nature Restoration Fund , managed by Nature Scot.

We are delighted to have received the funding & would like to thank the Scottish Government & Nature Scot for investing in us, and the future of Scotland.

This allows us to progress our rewiding project at a pace that we would never have been able to achieve alone.

Along with Nature Scot,we have also teamed with Scotland- The Big Picture.

Their vision is of a vast network of rewilded land and water across Scotland, where wildlife flourishes and people thrive.

With this help and guidance our project will have a structured backbone to move forward.

An ecologist visited August 2022 to assess the landscape and take a baseline survey. We will also be using e-DNA testing to gain an understanding of what species are currently on the landscape, and the changes as we progress.

Our rewilding journey has begun..

Press Release about our exciting project and network



We believe that rewilding is as much about people as nature.  It can help reverse species extinction, tackle climate change, but people are equally important. We don’t want to exclude anyone –  nature , wildlife, people.

Where wildlife flourishes – PEOPLE thrive 

Rewilding Benefits