Meet The Family Behind Harestone


From Mrs Harestone (Laura).

We are so happy that you have found us, and hope you will love our rewilding plans. We are Gavin, Laura, Jamie & Rebel + all the other animals of course! Our home is a 70-acre small holding, that we are slowly rewilding. We love nature, being outdoors, and want to give something back.

In 2020 we began making changes, and like many others, the pandemic focussed our thoughts and made us more aware of what is important, not only for ourselves, but for the planet. It was time to slow life down a little, reassess and appreciate that time above all is the most precious commodity of all… We wanted (and needed) to make a change to get our life more in balance. To move away from daily grind and be different!


We are innovators (well Gavin really) and have a belief that you can create amazing from repurposed/ upcycled items and we are always finding new projects!

So we are excited to share our vision with you as well as having minimal impact on the natural surroundings. Follow our journey of rediscovery as we create new items from old.

Love The SOIL

Healthy soils provide the largest possible store of terrestrial carbon and we are aiming to be part of the regenerative agriculture movement.

  • Least soil disturbance
  • Leave a living root
  • Soil armour (keep the soil covered with plants)
  • Increase biodiversity
  • Animal integration


Our Little Stories

We are a great team- Our teamwork and passion will be the main reason for success in achieving all our rewilding goals & more. There is a long list though!

Mrs Harestone (Laura)

I had lived in the city all my life before moving to Harestone, and the first reality to hit me was that I didn't own suitable SHOES! That soon changed, as did my transformation into loving country life and the amazing benefits it brings. For a city girl, to be surrounded by calmness, dark skies, nature, and animals brings such positively and wellbeing. I feel privileged to stay somewhere so beautiful, and I am so excited to share our journey and the land transformation.


Gavin has a huge passion for our land and has been the driving force behind land regeneration and building renovation. Along with rebel, who always wants to tag along, he has recovered ponds and bridges, reinstated paths, pushed forward the rewilding of the land, renovated buildings and created a small holding of goats, highland cows, chickens, ducks, and bees.

Gavin is also a highly skilled, innovative engineer coming up with so many ideas for up-cycling & recycling materials. This will be an exciting time ahead !


A constant reminder of what it is to be young! Jamie brings the youth to our home, keen to help (as long as it’s not too early!)

He is our fixer, animal feeder, pony whisperer, Rebel walker. He is a typical country boy in many ways, but still likes his crisp, white trainers.

He has been building hideouts here his whole childhood. He has shown us the best spots & who would have known this would lead us to where we are now !

Rebel, Caleb and Archie

Woof Woof Meow!

Food, Water, Walks and Love is all we need.

Simple life….

History of Harestone Moss

The Land and the Name

The land was originally a peat bog left over from the woodland that completely covered the landscape many years ago, like a substantial portion of Scotland. In the spring, when the land dried out the buried stones would appear to rise from the ground and look like hares (hence the name- Hare-stone Moss).

Steeped in history and past conflicts right up to World War two where the land was used as a dummy runway. This was due to its proximity to the actual airport (5 miles away). Dummy runway lights were setup to mimic a runway and turning aircraft(very clever) …. and it worked! The land was bombed on a number of occasions and three bomb craters are still visible on the farm. The real airport remained intact through the war, due to Harestone Moss and the sacrifices of the last occupants, who moved out at the start of the conflict.

Harestone Moss Rewilding Project

Alistair King

Alistair King farmed this land for generations, with his herds of cows and sheep. Gavin built a stone cairn in Alistair’s memory after he passed away and we renamed the small cottage on the farm after him, and I am sure he would be happy (and surprised) with what we are doing now.