Bomb Holes regeneration project

Harestone ww2 bomb holes

WW2 "Q" site

Harestone Moss served as a WW2 “Q” site as noted in the book “Fields of Deception” The designation “Q” marks it as a dummy airfield created to lure the Luftwaffe away from the local airport at Dyce. This site was designated as a type “T” Decoy. This type of decoy had lighting laid out in the shape of a letter “T”. The site was normally manned by two servicemen who had a set of instructions on how the site was to be operated.

Operation of the Easter Craigie decoy airfield had to be controlled very carefully. It was not just a case of when you hear a plane, switch the lights on, there was a set procedure to follow:

It was astonishingly very successful, as Harestone was bombed on several occasions undoubtedly saving the runways and possibly life from destruction. High explosive and incendiary devices scarred the farm at Harestone Moss over a period of three years during WW2, three large water filled bomb craters measuring 7 meters across and 4 meters deep, are clearly visible on the land.

Dates of Bombings


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Bomb hole regeneration

We will use these flooded bomb holes and surrounding peat bog to create a miniature ecosystem within the greater rewilding project and linking the past history, to a sustainable and nature centric insect, amphibian and bird sanctuary.

This WW2 reminder right in the centre of the land is a place of real historical importance, forgotten by many, but with an opportunity to now benefit from that past assistance given, and rewarded for it.

We would like to make the area accessible for measuring success, build walk-boards, build insect safe hotels and have story boards showing the historical use of the site, its original purpose, and then what it is now.

Any scar, no matter how deep can be healed and the landscape of Scotland eventually restored.


The Walled Garden Project

Our walled garden project is also about re-purposing. It really is core to what we do at Harestone Moss. Every single item on the planet can be re-purposed, you just need to be able to visualise it.
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The Well Being Farm
garden project

Somebody once said that a weed is but an unloved flower, but in our garden everything will be loved! In our one acre well-being farm garden we will hope to host the remedies to many ailments for health and well being.
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Harestone bog
garden project

Harestone bog garden will be located next to lower dam, at the edge of the pond. It will create an area where moisture-loving plants will thrive.
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