Pygmy Goat

Our pygmy goat had babies !

Well, I am getting the full spectrum of crofting life!

After having dealt with the mysterious chicken/duck disappearances a few weeks back life on the farm bounced back into existence this week. My chickens were safe, national security had been re-established and senses were sharpened. Like a duck commander I was ready. I had regrouped my clutch and we were ready for anything…

Except… the surprise arrival to two baby goats! Yes, while on chicken sentry the farm served a curve-ball in the best way possible. All feelings of danger to life were gone as I stared in amazement into the eyes of the latest creatures assigned to my group.

Although we knew our capricious Pygmy goat was pregnant we were not sure of the imminent arrival date. She was a fence scaling escape artist of Houdini proportions and on a previous and past night had willingly joined the males for a night. Happy to return to her own enclosure before the sun came up, it was love on her terms, and the walk of shame badge proudly on display. We suspected she was pregnant as she stopped ‘visiting’ and decided that the grass was once again greener on her own side, so after adding a few pounds, it was clear that we were heading for a future event.

She is a small goat, as I suppose Pygmy’s are, but to my delight she had successfully delivered two baby’s. New life brings such joy and change to the farm, and after only been born less than an hour before, they were up on their feet and also happily feeding from their mother. She is protecting and looking after them so well, and fussing as you would expect, but happy for us to handle the kids too.

It has been a very easy first birth experience on the farm for us and so far, I feel quite relaxed that they are all doing so well. The appreciation of farm life and experience is so rewarding, and little moments of joy like this that give you memories that you can take with you forever.

So, who is the Daddy ??? This little pygmy goat was a bit of a handful to say the least, and always up to mischief and leading the others astray. There are 3 males that are currently in the frame and contenders for the fatherhood trophy.

Brian the Billy goat with his long beard chin got very close to the little pygmy, and they spent a lot of time together over the summer, but we are not seeing any resemblance at the moment, so maybe just a fleeting platonic romance.

These next two suspects are the spit of our 2 new-born kids, from the floppy ears to the black spots on their knees, and the long skinny legs, so although we never seen them close, my bet is on either Jack or Victor, the lovable brothers who are so inquisitive and excitable and are more Labrador than goat. It’s early days for how the kids will colour out, and I suspect that we may never find out which one it was , but either way its our pygmy goat that is in for a tiring time now that the males have had their moments in the sun!

The kids are brilliant and have already started bouncing around the place, and are going to be a real handful for their mum, so I can’t wait to see how this pair settle in to life here once their characters develop.

I am so happy I get to share her new family with her, and watch them grow from 1 hour old to when they will be making babies themselves.

Every day is a journey and learning experience, grab it with both hands and enjoy the ride…she did!